How To Get What You Want In 2013

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As the year draws to a close many people’s minds turn to resolutions. We look back at the mistakes we made in the past year, hoping that once Auld Lang Syne has been sung, we’ll be transformed into a shiny new version of ourselves.

In yoga and meditation we often make intentions. We set an intention at the start of our practice with the idea that once we recognise where we want to go, it can become possibile. In my pregnancy yoga classes I encourage students to make positive affirmations like ‘I have everything I need to birth my baby’ or ‘with every breath I take I nourish my baby’.

An intention can be as simple as becoming aware of our breath. Awareness will make you notice when you stop breathing, for example when you’re stressed. Being able to consciously exhale in a situation you find difficult will help you relax and cope better.

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choose as an intention for 2013, revisit it often and let your thoughts create your reality. Happy New Year.

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